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UNIQUE GROUP, established in 1993, a company having diverse business interests.

Unique Group (UG) is one of the largest and foremost diversified business entities in Bangladesh. Its journey started in early 1980’s, and over the years, it has diversified into many new businesses in order to meet the needs of the stakeholders, while contributing significantly to the economy. UG developed a unique business model of creating empowered companies that enjoy the best of entrepreneurial independence and group wide synergies. This principle has led UG to becoming a powerful business portfolio. Today, the span of UG operations diversified into more than twenty different business areas. These include Hospitality, Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure Development, Telecommunication, Shipping Line, Share Management, Bank, Insurance, Financial Institution, Manpower Management, Ceramics Industry, Power Plant, Human Resources Development, International Trade, Newspaper, Art & Culture.

Foundation of Passion

Committed to innovative growth, Unique Group speaks a new language of success. The dream started in early 1980’s. A visionary and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Mohd. Noor Ali started his business and over the years of successful business ventures in different areas which, made a giant business umbrella the “Unique Group” in 1993. Exceeding today’s blue print is the passion. Unique Group involves in businesses to create a benchmark of entrepreneurship and to contribute to the economy. Here UG always looks for sustainable business approaches and these are always reflected in all its business endeavors.

Spirit of Unique Group

Unique Group has changed significantly in recent years and it continues to evolve keeping pace with the changing times and exploring new business areas. Unique Group aims to have a robust value system comprising positive attitude and result oriented actions. Professionally managed, Unique Group has made its mark on different types of businesses. Forward and backward integration, the use of the state-of-the-art technology and in-house research have made the Group a force to reckon with in each of its businesses. Finally, the strategy is all about keeping its entrepreneurial spirit alive, and to keep growing with a passion to progress and the power to succeed with a renewed strength of purpose and commitment.